A new CDS soon to be launched - expect some disruptions


Thanks Patrick

Hello Megan,
You can access ERA5 through the NCAR website here: NSF NCAR Datasets. I just tried it and it works. However, the files are much bigger and it might not be ideal if you want to download a not-so-small subset.

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Hi, thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately I need the ocean wave parameters from ERA5, which I don’t think UCAR RDA contains access to. If you happen to know of anywhere else that might offer access to ERA5, please let me know. Thank you again!

Do we have any new information regarding this issue? The current service interruption presents difficulties. Is there an estimate for how long this disruption will last? Unfortunately, a general timeframe such as ‘Spring 2024’ lacks precise details. Can we at least start to use cdsapi 0.6.1 in beta version?

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Are you tried latest dates (Feb. 24)? It seems like the latest available date is Nov. 23

The CDSAPI is still unusable. I agree with other comments. Such a prolonged disruption is quite baffling!


I have been trying to request for four hours…this is very frustrating & the support isn’t helping much.

I keep getting “2024-02-23 20:32:15,172 WARNING Retrying in 120 seconds
2024-02-23 20:34:15,174 INFO Retrying now…
2024-02-23 21:29:15,726 WARNING Connection error: [(‘Connection aborted.’, RemoteDisconnected(‘Remote end closed connection without response’))]. Attempt 1 of 500.”

can anyone help me with this?

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Thank you!!!

Is the new CDSAPI online now? If not, how long would it take? I am currently having trouble downloading hourly ERA5 model level data. Hope to be informed with the latest progress.

Hi everyone, I’m looking for other users’ experience using the CDSAPI lately please (I haven’t used in about a year).
A 1 month query on ERA5 (every day, every time step), for 3 variables and a bounding box area slightly smaller than half the size of France is queued for 2h before being processed.
Is this expected at the moment, considering the new CDS launch?

It seems like it. I have a pretty small (3 MB) and basic request to era5 pressure levels that is taking ~4 hours in the que. Unless someone else has tips on speeding this up.

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I much appreciate the data being available. It could be nice if an indication of expected queue time was given

For those of you in need of ERA5 data and are having trouble with the longer CDS queue times, a copy of the dataset can be found on Derecho under the file path “/glade/campaign/collections/rda/data/ds633.0/e5.oper.an.pl/.”

Hi, I’m trying t get some data from the dataset respecting the 1month indicated limit. However, I stoppedd my request after more than fifteen hours in the queue and relaunched it to have another try… it is not working and the request seems completely stuck. Is this situation to go on as it is? How long? Reading previous message, I have the feeling it is due to the disruption as indicated but it is a long time to wait and I have 12 identical requests to send.
Thanks in advance for some indication on how to proceed.
Bruno Patin

I tried to get a 150MB data , but I requested for a whole day .

Good morning,
given that tomorrow will be the first day of spring… :slight_smile:
Can we have an update please on a possible timeline? Basically, now to downloading it’s happening in real-time: to get one month of data you need to wait one month in the queue… :expressionless:
With a possible timeline we may organise a plan B and find different data somewhere else or otherwise re-schedule all the activities based on CDS data.

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Hello, there.
I suppose to download the ERA5 hourly data on the single level for 43 years JJA,
but now it really takes a long time for python to download.
(The queue time really takes time ==‘’')
Has any new updated CDS been released?
If new version releases, please let the users know.
I really appreciate for the update version.

Best regards,