CDS API on Windows


See knowledge base article How to install and use CDS API on Windows

Alternative instructions on how to create '.cdsapirc' file:

  1. Create a text file, for example in Notepad.
  2. Paste the key and user ID info into the file.
  3. Save file, with 'File name' as '.cdsapirc' and 'Save as type' as 'All Files'.

Hi Laurie

Is it possible to have two .cdsapirc file at same folder or modify this file to contain two user's ID and API key. We want to download two different data at same time.


Yi Sun

Hi Yi Sun,

You can find here how to use more than one credentials at the time:
Just scroll to the end of the page...


Hi Milana

That is exactly what I need! Thanks a lot!