Changes to contribution to C3S seasonal forecasting systems from Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)

A little later than previously announced,  CPS3 hindcasts for February start dates are now available at the CDS. Description of this new forecasting system can be found here.

  • Starting with February 2022 real-time forecast, JMA's contribution will be be from CPS3 forecasting system, while the contribution from CPS2 forecasting system will be discontinued.
  • In this new system the horizontal resolution of the JMA data at C3S is upgraded to 1.25 x 1.25 degrees
    • NOTE:This is a different grid compared to the rest of C3S forecasting systems. You can retrieve a version of the data interpolated to the C3S 1-degree grid using the following CDS API keywords in your retrieval:

      CDS API retrieval keywords for interpolation to C3S 1-degree grid
      "grid" : "1/1",
      "area" : "89.5/0.5/-89.5/359.5",