Extracting Methane and Carbon Dioxide at a geolocation


I am currently trying to extract methane and Carbon dioxide emission at a point coordinate (75,43). When I'm plotting the time series data for the two gases, I can't understand the value on the y-axis. For example for CH4 - there is 'f' next to the value and CO2 there is a 'p'. See attached figures. I'm currently expecting the CH4 emission to be in ppb (10^9) and CO2 emission in ppm (10^6). When I'm downloading the Nedcdf files, there is 1e^-15 associated with each CH4 values- is there a conversion to make at this point? Any suggestions please?

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Here is my code for Carbon dioxide (same code has been written for CH4, except data name has been changed):

import cdstoolbox as ct

layout = {'input_ncols': 3,}
variables = {'xco2': 'xco2'}

# List of longitude and latitude to be used
longitude = [75.,80.]
latitude = [43.,50.]

@ct.application(title='Extract a time series for Carbon Dioxide at a geolocation', layout=layout)
@ct.input.dropdown('var', label='Gas', values=variables.keys(), description='Carbon Dioxide')
@ct.input.dropdown('lon', label='lon', values=longitude, description='longitude variables')
@ct.input.dropdown('lat', label='lat', values=latitude, description='latitude variables')

def plot_time_series(var, lon, lat):
# Time range
data = ct.catalogue.retrieve(
'processing_level': 'level_3',
'variable': 'xco2',
'sensor_and_algorithm': 'merged_obs4mips',
'version': '4.1',

# Location selectiondata_sel = ct.geo.extract_point(data, lon=lon, lat=lat)

data_nan = ct.math.nan_to_num(data_sel)
fig = ct.chart.line(data_nan)

return data_nan, fig

Hi Zafiirah,

The units were meant to be mol mol^-1. However I found that there was an error in the conversion when we read the data into the toolbox. I have corrected this and the units are now mol mol^-1 as expected. You can use the ct.cdm.convert_units to convert this into ppm as I have done this workflow:


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Hi Edward,

Thank you for your suggestion and help. I've just tried it and it works perfectly. Thanks again.

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