Is it possible to determine if a thunderstorm occured?

I'm new to working with weather data, so apologies if this is a question with an obvious answer. Using the ERA5 historical dataset, is it possible to determine if a thunderstorm occurred at any hourly timestep? I've looked at the precipitation type parameter, but it specifically states that thunderstorm (WMO code 2) is "not diagnosed in the IFS". Does anyone know why this is, or can point me to some reading on the issue?

I've looked through all the other parameters of the ERA5 dataset, but I don't see anything that can obviously be used to determine if a thunderstorm occurred (please let me know if there is and I just don't understand the terminology). Is there any kind of a formula that can be used to determine from other parameters if a thunderstorm occurred? I realize that thunderstorm might be an ambiguous term; I was thinking of it defined the same way weather sites do when they say thunderstorms will occur.

Thanks for any insight.