New forecasting systems available on the C3S seasonal forecast datasets

With the release of the October 2020 real-time forecast (at 12 UTC on 13th October) some additions have been introduced to the list of available forecasting systems. Specifically:

  • Contribution from JMA CPS2 system has been included
  • Upgrade of CMCC contribution, to the new operational seasonal forecasting system SPSv3.5 (system=35)

Additionally, with the release of the November 2020 real-time forecast (at 12 UTC on 13th November), another change of forecasting systems will be included. Specifically:

  • Upgrade of DWD contribution to the new operational forecasting system GCFS2.1 (system=21)

Details about hindcast dates available can be found here. The complete list of parameters available for each forecasting system can be found here.