Request keeps pending


I can't understand what is wrong with the access to CDS API data because, as soon as I change a single variable in my request, the request keeps pending. I could only find one set of parameters which works. For example, the following code returns a GRIB:

c=cdsapi.Client(timeout=600, debug=True)

'product_type': 'reanalysis',
'format': 'grib',
'variable': 'temperature',
'time': '12:00',
'day': '01',
'month': '01',
'year': '2008',
'pressure_level': '1000'

But if I change any parameter (let's say day=02), the request stays in pending mode. Any idea ?

Hi Alain,

when you say 'pending' do you mean that your request for day=02 is queued? if so, i suspect that your request for day=1 is returned immediately because the data is in the CDS cache, but the data for day=02 need to be retrieved from the CDS disks, so the request goes into the CDS queue, when it remains until it is processed (which can take some time).

see the CDS live page for queue information: