AgERA5 now available in near real time from the CDS

We are pleased to announce that the Agrometeorological indicators from 1979 to present derived from reanalysis (referred to as AgERA5) is available in near real time (7-day lag) from the Climate Data Store (CDS).

This dataset provides global daily surface meteorological data as input for agro-ecological studies.

Data may be downloaded interactively using the CDS web interface (AgERA5 download form) or using the CDS API. This dataset may also be used in the CDS Toolbox (e.g. geographical subset).

ECMWF Support

Why did this recently switch to Monthly updates? Will it ever come back to 7-day lag and "near real time" ?

This question was asked on another recent thread... AgERA-5 frequency update 

This is important to address given folks that use these data operationally and need to know if it will be short latency or not. Thanks much!

Hi Justin,

There was a technical difficulty with the data update which we are pleased to announce was resolved at last. Data is now updated again with a 7-day lag.

The frequency update information on the AgERA5 CDS catalogue entry will be updated shortly.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


ECMWF Support