Air statistical analyses and tools


Is there any resource inside the website to download application, booklet, workshop material or free toolkits for visualization techniques, run preparation, and processing, analysis, and statistics for the following Contaminants and other atmospheric variables? :

Contaminants: CO ppm, NO ppb, NO2 ppb, NOX ppb, O3 ppb, PM10 µgr/m3, PM2.5 µgr/m3; Meteorology variables: Precipitation mmhg, Rainfall mm, Relative humidity %, SO2 ppb, Solar rate Kw/m2, Temperature ºC, Wind speed Km/hr, Wind direction ºAzimut. Your guidance will help me guide my students on their training during the course for Atmospheric and Earth Sciences.


Igor Ishi Rubio Cisneros

please have a look at this: Training in Atmospheric Composition - #3 by Chris_Stewart