An internal error occurred processing your request - Reason: must be str, not int

Update: The issue seems to be resolved.

Hi, I have just encountered an issue making requests to the CDS API for the CAMS solar radiation time-series product. 

The issue occurs both from my code (using python cdsapi package) and from the web page (!/dataset/cams-solar-radiation-timeseries)

I thought at first I was being rate-limited but it is also happening from a different user account. 

The full traceback I receive from the API request:

ERROR:cdsapi:  Traceback (most recent call last):
ERROR:cdsapi:    File "/opt/cdstoolbox/cdscompute/cdscompute/cdshandlers/services/", line 59, in handle_request
ERROR:cdsapi:      result = cached(context.method, proc, context, context.args, context.kwargs)
ERROR:cdsapi:    File "/opt/cdstoolbox/cdscompute/cdscompute/", line 108, in cached
ERROR:cdsapi:      result = proc(context, *context.args, **context.kwargs)
ERROR:cdsapi:    File "/opt/cdstoolbox/cdscompute/cdscompute/", line 124, in __call__
ERROR:cdsapi:      return p(*args, **kwargs)
ERROR:cdsapi:    File "/opt/cdstoolbox/cdscompute/cdscompute/", line 60, in __call__
ERROR:cdsapi:      return self.proc(context, *args, **kwargs)
ERROR:cdsapi:    File "/home/cds/cdsservices/services/", line 37, in execute
ERROR:cdsapi:    File "/opt/cdstoolbox/cds-common/cds_common/cams/solar_radiation/", line 26, in solar_rad_retrieve
ERROR:cdsapi:      user_id = anonymised_user_id(user_id)
ERROR:cdsapi:    File "/opt/cdstoolbox/cds-common/cds_common/cams/solar_radiation/", line 56, in anonymised_user_id
ERROR:cdsapi:      ('__%SecretFromDataProvider%__' + ads_user_id).encode()).hexdigest()
ERROR:cdsapi:  TypeError: must be str, not int

This suggests that my user id (a four digit number) is being parsed as an int at some point. 

If the is being executed with python >3.8, line 56 could be modified to use f-strings and hopefully remedy the issue: