API Request failing with internal MARS-server error

I've been downloading (among other things) surface-level information for relatively recent dates, and my download for February 2022 has failed.  The most recent of these requests has the request ID f840acf6-8ed3-4ca0-8e6a-99122498a90c.  The failure message states (after adding some whitespace for readability and eliding duplicate portions):

The request you have submitted is not valid

Reason: wmo_read_any_from_file: error -11 (Input output problem) l=67108864, len=2076588 (Illegal seek);

Mars server task finished in error;

Double buffer error: Assertion failed: length == buffers_[i].length_ in run, line 282 of /home/cds/git/mars-server/eckit/src/eckit/io/DblBuffer.cc(RemoteException from Connector[mvr0019,marsmvr-0019:49701]) [mars];

Error code is -2;

<This repeats 5 more times>

Request failed; Some errors reported (last error -2)

Please refer to this announcement for the latest updates on an ongoing issue with downloading data from the CDS: https://confluence.ecmwf.int/x/cw6rFg