C3S seasonal hindcasts 2017-2018

Would it be possible to add to the C3S archive also 2017 and 2018 multi-model seasonal hindcasts so as to give access to a complete set covering all years from first reforecast (1993) to last forecast (present time)? This would help in validation excercises.

Dear Valentina, 

thanks for your message.

As a general rule, and given this is a very popular request from our users, the aim is to avoid having gaps between the end of the hindcast period and the start of the real-time forecasts. This is only possible for those systems who run their hindcasts as fixed dataset, but it will not be achieved for those systems running their hindcasts "on-the-fly" (currently this is the case for UK MetOffice contribution).

Additionally, when a new data contribution is introduced in the C3S archive the filling of this gap is at a second order of priority, being the first priority to complete the processing of all the hindcasts start dates.

Having said that, this is the current situation, where some models already have a complete (without gaps) set of dates, specifically


the status of the rest of the systems is as follows:

NCEP CFS2: currently the processing of all hindcast start dates hasn't finished yet. The processing of the start dates to fill the gap will start once that has been completed

Meteo-France System7: currently the processing of all hindcast start dates hasn't finished yet. Depending on MF final plans to upgrade to System8, the gap might not be filled in the lifetime of System7

CMCC SPS3: the gap is not planned to be filled as this system will be updated to SPS3.5 soon (current plans aim for June 2020)

Eduardo Penabad
C3S Seasonal Forecast