CAMS Global Reanalysis (EAC4) estimated release date for Jan–Jun 2021?

Hi, I'm just curious if there's a target date for the EAC4 data from Jan–Jun 2021 to be made available for download on the ADS. Our research group is eager to download it as soon as it's available. Thanks!

Hopefully before the end of the year. We have now received the quick look validation report for these months and are starting the process of re-archiving the data as exp=eac4 and making them available on the ADS.

Is there a place on this site where I can quickly check what is the latest available date in a particular data set, such as EAC4 or ERA5?

For ERA5, I mean in particular the transition date from ERA5-T to/from ERA5.

Hi Anton,

re: availability, I think currently the only way to check is by looking at the ADS/CDS data download page. For ERA5/5T, you have to inspect the files themselves.



Thanks, Kevin.  It would then be a great feature to add to each database landing page: last date of last available data record for EAC4, ERA5, ERA5T (and maybe for other databases too).


Just to be sure, I found the expver variable  in my NetCDF download of 2022-01-01 data.  This implies 2021-12-31 has final ERA5 data, correct?

hi Anton,

In this case, given that the 'final' ERA5 for December 2021 was published early, then 2021-12-31 does indeed have  'final' ERA5 data, whereas the data for 2022-01-01 contains a mixture of ERA5 and ERA5T (when you made your request),



Thank you for confirming!