CAMS Model CY47R3 upgrade on 12 October 2021

Dear CAMS users, 

ECMWF introduced a new upgrade of the CAMS (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service) real-time data assimilation and forecasting system on 12 October 2021.
This upgrade is a minor upgrade with a limited set of scientific contributions. The main observational change is the implementation of Sentinel-5p NO2 observations after the last operational upgrade from ESA, which also required the introduction of linear chemistry code for the NO/NO2 conversion in the minimisation.  Other changes are related to the treatment of dry and wet deposition of aerosol. Resolution and data formats remain the same. The CAMS upgrade also benefits from the meteorological changes that are part of the overall ECMWF cycle upgrade, which for this cycle most notably consist of the significantly improved physical basis for moist processes.

More information can be found at CAMS: Global atmospheric composition forecast data documentation#EvolutionoftheCAMSglobalforecastingsystem.

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