Can I share my application with third-parties?

Can I share my application with third-parties?

At this stage, a user cannot use his applications without being logged in to the CDS. Currently, sharing applications between CDS users is impossible. Only "public" applications, designed and validated by C3S can be shared in a public manner. We are considering the development of this functionality, although this has a low priority.

You can share a Toolbox application with third-parties assuming they have a CDS account and are logged in.

To make your application visible click on the "Share" logo:

A pop-up opens up where you can either share your application with a specific user based on its user ID or set the global visibility.

Ticking the visible setting will allow any logged user having the link to your application to open and run the application in their browser. Note that in visible mode someone with the link to your application will also be able to access and see the code of your workflow in the Toolbox Editor. This is likely to change in the future. In general further sharing setting and options are being evaluated and will be implemented as part of the current usability and maintenance contract.

Making your application "Visible" will not make it discoverable in any other way than through its URL, unlike the public applications which are accessible and searchable on the Climate Data Store (!/search?type=application).