Can plots with Wind Arrows be made within the C3S ToolBox?

I’m trying to use the C3S toolbox to plot some era5 reanalysis wind data retrieved directly using the C3S toolbox and I’d like to plot this in the form of wind arrows but can’t find out if this is possible. I see that the C3S toolbox uses the excellent Magics program:


And love the great wind arrow plots which Magics can produce when working locally:


Unfortunately, all of the information provided with the C3S toolbox talks about contour plots which aren’t much good for showing the wind direction. It would be great if the C3S toolbox could produce plots with wind arrows, if this is possible can someone provide some example code? If this isn't possible currently, can this be implemented?

Thank you very much in advance!

I have any cuestion. The uv.grib i don´t have, beacause, i downloading v.grib and u.grib separately