Hi Team!

I'm struggling to access CDS data, currently trying to use the cdstoolbox-remote package. The error is that I have not accepted the required T&Cs, see below. I believe I have. Does anyone know where I may be going wrong?

Alternatively, is it possible to access point time-series data using the cdsapi which I do have working (smile)

science love 


Error code: "cdsclient.exceptions.BrokerError: Client has not agreed to the required terms and conditions.."

HI Ed, for the dataset you are trying to use in the Toolbox, can you download data from the CDS dataset download web page?



It may be possible to download time series data manually but I'm trying to write a script for this because I want to add the data to a model.  



Hi Ed, if you can download the data from the web form, then you have accepted the required T&C's. Can you share the script you are trying to run?