Change in the name, units and values of 'Surface solar radiation downwards' , 'Surface thermal radiation downwards' products recently

Hello All, I am new this forum In case I make any mistake in posting please ignore it.
I have downloaded 'Surface solar radiation downwards' data for Lon 141 to 144, lat 38 to 40 for time period 2018(08,09,10,11,12) and 2019(01,02,03,04,05,06,07) hourly data for single levels from 'ERA5 hourly data on single levels from 1979 to present' product on three months before.

Recently I downloaded the same data for same period with larger spatial extent Lon 138 to 148, lat 34 to 42. But there was a change in values of the same product.

E.g. (38,141) →  8029453312.0 W/m2 as a value when downloaded on ‎10 ‎September ‎2019, ‏‎17:40:48

E.g. (38,141) →  619.6 W/m2 as a value when downloaded on ‎20 ‎January ‎2020, ‏‎15:03:08

Why there is a change this parameter ? I have not noticed nay change in air temperature, dew point temperature and total cloud cover except a small value in 10^-3 range.

If anyone has any idea please explain me.


Hello Kalpesh,

Can you attach details of the request you are using to request the data,  please?



C3S User Support at ECMWF

Hello Kevin

Any news on this?

Hi Kalpesh,

Did you download the data using Python scripts? If so, could you share them with us? Otherwise, please let us know the exact request details so that we can try to download the same data.

Thank you,