Change in Update Frquency of sis-agrometeorological-indicators

Hello, I saw that the update frequency of sis-agrometeorological-indicators data set has changed from daily to monthly. I have some questions on that:
When can I expect the next update and how many days will it be behind the current day?
Will this dataset be integrated to the new cds?
Will the there be daily updates on this data set in the future again? If yes when?

Hi Katharina,
thank you for posting. I am not an admin but I wonder the same. We rely on AgERA5 for a production system. I noticed that last released data are for 04/02, 04/03/2024 while 04/01/2024 together with 04/04/2024 and onward are missing (both CDS API and webform) at the time of this writing.