Change to CDS Toolbox CDM after 23 March 2022

Please note that following the CDS service session on Wednesday 23rd March 2022: CDS unavailable on 23 March 2022: access to ALL datasets and applications affected

netCDF files returned from the the CDS toolbox and applications may have different variable names to what they had previously.

They will now be named as documented in the source data description, e.g. the ECMWF parameter database. Previously they were renamed to a CDM name which led to confusion and a lack of traceability amongst users.


ECMWF Support

Does this change impact the variable name in used in API request such as!/dataset/reanalysis-era5-single-levels ?

Hi Mei,

No they should not be affected,


good question, I wonder if that's why my request is hanging?

Does this also apply to the grib1 variables?

Example - This used to work.  Now the request hangs in queue for horus.

c = cdsapi.Client()

        'originating_centre': 'ukmo',
        'system': '600',
        'variable': 'sea_surface_temperature',
        'product_type': 'monthly_mean',
        'year': [
            '1993', '1994', '1995',
            '1996', '1997', '1998',
            '1999', '2000', '2001',
            '2002', '2003', '2004',
            '2005', '2006', '2007',
            '2008', '2009', '2010',
            '2011', '2012', '2013',
            '2014', '2015', '2016',
        'month': '06',
        'leadtime_month': [
            '1', '2', '3',
            '4', '5', '6',
        'format': 'grib',

Hi Matthew,

I think there are currently some issue with CDS access to the archive; hopefully these will be resolved soon. You can 'watch' the C3S Announcements forum for updates.

Also, under heavy user load, the CDS may give large requests (e.g. data for all years) a lower priority than other requests, so it may be better to request 1-2 years at a time - hopefully then your request will be processed faster.




So 1.5 hours for my request that contained all of the years.  Not awful, but to do all the models, I will have to set it up properly.  Thanks!


Thanks Kevin.

Will break it out into smaller chunks.

Hi Matthew, glad to help! you also can monitor the CDS queue on the 'live' page :