Changes in the C3S seasonal forecast service


Seasonal forecasts from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) 's prediction system, CanSIPSv2, are included in the C3S multi-system from May 2021.

  • This contribution is composed of two different forecasting systems: GEM-NEMO and CanCM4i. More details here.
    • Data for all CDS datasets (daily/subdaily, monthly and anomalies) will be made available independently for those two forecasting systems.
    • Graphical products labelled ECCC will be created as a multi-system combination of these two individual forecasting systems.
    • Graphical products for the C3S multi-system: The two ECCC forecasting systems are first combined and their combination is then treated like each one of the other contributing forecasting centres (so that each centre contributes to the C3S multi-system with equal weight).
  • Hindcast data for May start dates from these new systems is already available at the CDS.
  • Real-time forecast data for May 2021 will be published on 13th May at 12GMT.