Confluence page on the problems of the potential evapotranspiration product in ERA5

Good morning,
yesterday, I have found a paper review mentioning a confluence page on the known problems of the PET in ERA5: Log into Atlassian - ECMWF Confluence Wiki

Unfortunately, the page cannot be accessed without a licensed Confluence account. Is it possible to find the same information somewhere else in the C3S documentation?


please have a look here: Potential Evaporation on ERA5 and ERA5L - #6 by Souhail_Boussetta


Thanks for sharing this, but this part doesn’t say anything about problems. Given that I have also read someone else in this forum highlighting some issues in the data, I hoped there was a Confluence page giving more information on it.

For example, the ERA5 documentation says:

The Potential Evaporation field (pev, parameter Id 228251) is largely underestimated over deserts and high-forested areas. This is due to a bug in the code that does not allow transpiration to occur in the situation where there is no low vegetation.

Is this the issue?