Contour Labels in cdsplot.contour_plot Not Appearing

Hi, I have made the following contour plots using cdsplot.contour_plot:

with the following code:

fig_aug = ct.cdsplot.contour_plot(data_con_aug,fig = fig_pc_aug, contour_kwargs={'colors':'grey'},clabel_kwargs={'fontsize':'10', 'colors': 'r'},xlabel='Latitude',ylabel='Pressure [pa]',title='METOP - Humidity - Aug 2017 - zonal monthly mean -')

(The rest of it can be found at

Issue: The contour labels are not appearing even though I have set a fontsize and color in clabel_kwargs.

I hope someone can help.

thank you and stay healthy!

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Dear Huayuan,

The clabel_kwargs are actually only read if you specify contour_levels. Note that you should also specify the colors of each contour level in contour_levels_colors and not in contour_kwargs anymore.

Here is a the modified workflow and the relevant code snipet below:

    fig_aug = ct.cdsplot.contour_plot(
        fig = fig_pc_aug,
        contour_levels=[5., 10., 15.],
        contour_levels_colors=['grey', 'grey', 'grey'],
        clabel_kwargs = {'fontsize':'10', 'colors': 'r'},
        ylabel='Pressure [pa]',
        title='METOP - Humidity - Aug 2017 - zonal monthly mean -'

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the help, Vivien!