Convert ERA5 pressure levels data to model levels with hybrid coordinate

Dear all,

I am downscaling ERA5 reanalysis to higher resolution by using the CCLM regional climate model for the latest month (August. 2023- ).  Since only pressure vertical coordinate (37 levels) from ERA5 are available for latest month (the model levels data with hybrid coordiante are three month delayed generally), I need to convert the pressure level datas to hybrid coordiante, which is required for driving CCLM. 

Does anyone know how to do it? Do I need to consider the topography when we making the conversion? Is it possible to kindly share your scripts for the converting if it is available?  Furthermore, I noticed that there is a function pres2hybrid from NCL (, maybe it works? (not sure, I am trying ...) 

Any help on this matter will be highly appreciated.  

Best regards,