CORDEX catalogue entry extended to offer 8 additional geographical domains

We are pleased to inform our users that CORDEX data from the Climate Data Store (CDS) has been extended to offer 8 additional geographical domains: 

  • Antarctica
  • Australasia
  • Central America
  • Central Asia
  • East Asia
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • South-East Asia
  • South Asia

It means that now regional climate projections are available for all the 14 CORDEX domains worldwide as highlighted in this article published on the C3S website:

The data can now be downloaded interactively through the Climate Data Store web interface (CORDEX regional climate model data on single levels) or programmatically using the CDS API service .

The CORDEX documentation has been fully updated to support the extended dataset.

For any enquiries, please contact us.


C3S Helpdesk at ECMWF