Cordex- cds api

Dear all, 

My name is Mateo Carmona  and I work in the Sustainable Finance department at Mazars Spain as a Data Analyst as well  in the Barcelona office. 

Through a request to the CDS API, I have obtained data relevant to the South East  Asia Region, Central America, East Asia, Europe, Mediterranean, North America, Soth America and South Asia in .zip format, which I then extracted to work with in .nc format.

I am reaching you  out because when I attempted to use these data for various purposes, I encountered the following issues:

When reading different files in Python using the xarray library and the open_mfdataset function, the data appears as a Python object of the xarray.Dataset type. This object's metadata consists of various variables, one of which is the "Coordinates" variable. It provides data about geographical points through their latitudes and longitudes. However, when I try to plot these on a map or verify their accuracy on Google Maps, the locations do not correspond with the downloaded domain. It would be greatly appreciated if you could clarify the latitude and longitude format used and the reason behind it. I suspect this might be due to the use of either a regional or global climate model in each case, which could result in the latitudes and longitudes not aligning with the standard coordinate system.

In other instances, with the same data, I receive x and y values instead of longitude and latitude. I am unsure how to geographically interpret these or convert them into latitude and longitude. Any insight into what x and y represent in this context and how to translate them into latitude and longitude would be immensely helpful.