Daily CAMS Greenhouse Gas (GHG) global analyses and forecasts from ECMWF

This is only affecting users who have a MARS privilege account.

The forecasting system was updated to the latest version of the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System (IFS), CY46R1.  Here the list of major changes:

  • The CO2 analyses and forecasts have been re-initialised from a more recent version of the observation-constrained CAMS flux inversion product. This has resulted in an one-off correction of the bias of about -4 ppm in the column-mean mole fraction compared to independent observations. This brings the absolute values of the CO2 mole fractions more in line with observed values.
  • A new emissions data set has been introduced based on the CAMS anthropogenic emission data sets (CAMS-GLOB-ANTv2.1).
  • The experiment IDs have been changed as follows:
    • Analysis: current = gwx3; new = h72g
    • Forecast: current = gznv; new = h9sp

More detailed information can be found in the log files:

Analysis: https://confluence.ecmwf.int/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=155342637
Forecast: https://confluence.ecmwf.int/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=155342668

It is advised to start using the output from the new systems as soon as possible. While both the current and the new systems are running in parallel, we will discontinue the current systems on 31 January 2020.