Data for Australia and New Zealand for ERA6 Development

Dear Community,

I wanted to ask if for the development of ERA6 it would be beneficial to have more reference data from Australia and New Zealand?

More specifically I am thinking of long-term wind, temperature and solar radiation data collected from permanent met masts and solar monitoring stations on commercial wind and solar projects (in development and operation).

The background to my enquiry is that in our current work we regularly use ERA5 data for initial site wind analysis, and so I wanted to see if there was a way for the local industry to support ERA6 development by providing good quality reference data for Australia. E.g. to validate ERA6?

Hello Richard, at this recent meeting we discussed precisely these topics! We had one participant from Australia and one from NZ.

Feel free to get in touch so we can discuss further. Part of the post-TEM activities includes testing of ERA6 pre-runs.

Note: this is an initiative done in liaison w the ECMWF, but we’re not ECMWF. We’re from | Home.

All the best from Denmark. Rémi, C2Wind.

Hi @Richard_Gledhill ,
Just to complement @remi_gandoin - inside the WRAG page we’ve compiled a Wiki containing a list of datasets of interest to atmospheric science/wind energy applications, where you can contribute with the data you have good knowledge of.

Hi everyone,
Further to the comments above – the interest in observations is without doubt. Once observations data are reported on the WRAG page ( | Wiki – see also the map linked from that page) then we have a clear way to be able to use these data for validation (and everyone else can use these data, too). We presented an example of that during the meeting mentioned above. Thanks for your efforts!
Paul (ERA team)

Ok and thanks for detailed responses. I will follow this up with our local renewable energy industry group and my network and reply via the WRAG group page.

A follow up question, which I can raise in the WRAG group, is there any published guidance on preferred data structure, format, min useful length of timeseries data, etc?