Does CAMS uses the temperature and relative humidity form 'CAMS global atmospheric composition forecasts' dataset to forecast ozone in CAMS model? If not, what dataset does CAMS uses to forecast ozone?

I have to validate my measured data with CAMS model data and have a few doubts about the CAMS dataset I need to use. 

Some information (from CAMS) which may help users:

The CAMS global forecasts are produced using a version of the ECMWF numerical weather prediction model which includes the chemical tendencies and source/sink terms. This means that the meteorological and chemical information is modelled in the same system, and no external information is required. More information can be found here:

The CAMS regional forecasts are provided by a suite of 11 regional air quality models which utilise meteorology forecasts provided by IFS, either as direct forcing to the regional model or as boundary conditions for models which calculate their own meteorology. The meteorology used is at higher spatial resolution than the CAMS global forecast system so there may be some differences related to this.

More information on how the systems operate is in the links below:  - this document describes how the meteorology is handled by each of the CAMS regional models.