Downloading ERA5-Land data summarized daily

Hi all,

I am wanting to download daily ERA5-Land data using the cdsapi in python. I have followed the directions in the pdf located at Copernicus Climate Data Store | Copernicus Climate Data Store
and used the toolbox calculator located here. The toolbox calculator is called the “daily statistics calculator”, but it really seems to provide a monthly mean. For example, output is only a single band and doesn’t contain daily data. How do I get started to download daily data (i.e. one netcdf band for each day) in a monthly netcdf file? I am really at a loss as to how to do this.

Thanks for any information.

Basically for ERA5-Land hourly precipitation data, you just need to download the 0000 timestep for each day, as this contains the total precipitation for the previous day - so the daily data are already available. See this post for details Calculating daily precipitation sum from ERA5-Land hourly data - #2 by Kevin_Marsh