Downloading the data from "Carbon dioxide data from 2002 to present derived from satellite sensors"

I have loaded the data in zip format however I can't open it. Matlab tells me: entry be password-protected or encrypted. Kindly advise me if you have experience in working with the data how can I use it. Thanks

Hi, Did you unzip the file before using it in Matlab? Most unzipping software should work. Thanks

Dear Anabelle,

Yes, I tried (when I use conventional Archive applications I have the following error: "operation not permitted"). I faced the same issue when loaded the new dataset on Thermal comfort indices derived from ERA5 as well (which is also in .zip format).


CDS Support Team advised to use 7-zip package to open .zip files (can be downloaded from official website For MAC OS, I tried with another application "Keka" and it worked as well. I hope it might be helpful for those who encountered the same issue.