Earlier monthly release of C3S Seasonal Forecast products

We are pleased to announce today, Monday 6th March 2023, that all C3S Seasonal Forecast graphical and data products are now published earlier than usual. 


  • 6th of the month at 12 UTC: ECMWF data will be available
  • 10th of the month at 12 UTC: the remaining forecast systems data and all graphical products will be available

Seasonal Forecast graphical products are available from the Copernicus Climate Change Service website at: https://climate.copernicus.eu/charts/packages/c3s_seasonal/

C3S Seasonal Forecast data is available to download from the Climate Data Store (CDS), either interactively using the CDS web interface (donwload form) or programmatically using the API service.

Our extensive Seasonal Forecast Documentation has also been updated.

If you have any questions or feedback about the above, please contact us.


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