ECMWF seasonal forecasts - GRIB/NETCDF and ensemble format

Hoping someone can help - I've downloaded one of the C3S seasonal forecasts: a September forecast with all the ensembles and all the timesteps for one specific field.

When I convert the grib format to netcdf using CDO, I end up with a 3D dataset, but with time axis being all timesteps of each ensemble all tacked on end-to-end to create a huge time-axis netcdf file, whereas I'm wanting another array that gives the ensemble number.

Just wondering if anyone can point me to any advice that might be precompiled about the downloaded gribs and how to get them into a more ensemble-friendly format?



Hi Richard,

could you please attach the CDS request and the nc file header?
Maybe in the mean time, you could split the grib files, so you have a separate set of gribs for each ensemble number. After you can convert them in nc files and finally merge these
in one.
Hope this can help.