Eliassen- Palm flux - ERA5

G'day from Australia,

Is the community aware of  CDS hosting calculations of Eliassen-Palm flux vectors - for ERA5 and for the seasonal models - (my understanding is their have been modifications to epflux e.g Takaya & Nakamura 2001 so  a related quantities that represent interaction of eddies with mean zonal flow would be equivalent for my present purpose) :

What I have done:

1) I have tried searching in data documentation and CDS user forum (CDS General channel) for the following terms: Eliassen-Palm flux, Plumb, local wave activity. It would seem these terms are not included in the data store, nor is there much previous discussion about them on the user forums.

2) The closest variable I could find is (momentum flux u component)  but is not really what I am looking for to interpret the planetary wave drivers of seasonal predictability.

3) Worst case scenario I can fall back on calculating myself. However given the extensive discussion of this quantity it might be helpful to other users of this quantity.