ERA-5 Land hourly 10m Wind data missing

Hello everyone,

Thanks for reading.

I had downloaded the ERA-5 Land 10m wind data (u and v), from 2018-2020, the Spatial range is 35N-55N, 135E-155E. 

However, I check one time data and found that there are many missing data on the spatial grids.

Was that normal?

I used to use ERA-Interim daily data on pressure level and never saw the missing data.

Any reply would be appreciate!

Hi Yanyan,

Normally ERA5-Land will have missing values over the ocean and seas, as it only has data over the land. 
You can raed more about it here: ERA5-Land: data documentation
Do you see missing data over the land as well?

Thanks a lot! I will figure it out.

Hello everyone,

I am completely new to ERA5, so sorry if my question sounds primitive.

I am going to download ERA5 hourly wind data on single levels from 1979 to present for the sake of extrapolation. Basically if I download the data at different nodes in one application, the distance between nodes (the resolution of the data) is supposed to be around 30km.

But if I download the data in different application, since in each inquiry one node is necessarily dedicated to south-west corner of sub-region extraction zone and considering that the precision of the longitude and latitude in specifying the sub-region extraction zone is 0.01degree, I can have the ERA5 wind data with almost 1.1 km resolution (the distance between nodes is almost 1.1km).

Isn’t there any problem with this way of using ERA5 wind data, correct?