ERA5-Land Evapotranspiration

Dear all, 

I am trying to compute Evapotranspiration (Eto)

According to instructions it is that the three components of the total ETo are as follows:

- variable "Evaporation from bare soil" ,
- variable "Evaporation from open water surfaces excluding oceans,
- variable "Evaporation from vegetation transpiration",

So, to compute ETo I am adding the 3 components. 

I have a mix of negative and positive values, and I thought ETo should be 0 - 1 

Am I missing something

Would appreciate a reply asap

Many Thanks for the attention

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I am having similar issues with the Total Evaporation variable.

From documentation of Evaporation: "The ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System convention is that downward fluxes are positive. Therefore, negative values indicate evaporation and positive values indicate condensation."

Dear all, 

I would like to know how to calculate Potential Evapotranspiration from the variables  "Evaporation from bare soil" ,
 "Evaporation from open water surfaces excluding oceans, and  "Evaporation from vegetation transpiration"?  Does this way of calculating potential evapotranspiration coincide with the one given by Penman-Monteith?  And finally, how to calculate the actual or current evapotranspiration?

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please have a look at the following link for details:

ERA5-Land: data documentation#Guidelines




I am trying to find the difference in the calculation approach of the different era5 evaporation products , specifically products id 182 and 260259.