ERA5-Land: Surface solar radiation downwards - daily accumulation to hourly accumulation

Hey folks,

Let me provide some context before I really get into the details. I have downloaded the following variables from ERA5-Land in an effort to get some information on weather in an area that we are hoping to conduct thermodynamic modelling of a passive solar greenhouse:

  • 10m u-component of wind
  • 10m v-component of wind
  • 2m dewpoint temperature
  • 2m temperature
  • Surface net solar radiation
  • Surface solar radiation downwards
  • Total precipitation

We are hoping to use this data because we don't have a weather station with a pyranometer, and are hoping to use ERA5-Land data to provide the inputs necessary to conduct the aformentioned modelling.

The data above was downloaded for the year of 2020, and the AOI was extracted, so we essentially have single point data for all of the above as inputs, yet the way it is formatted is not incredibly useful and I am seeking help to turn it into a useable form.

I understand the documentation and have seen both of the commonly cited documents in the forum used to convert to W/m^2 and that to convert to hourly you simply must do Hn - Hn-1 but I am having trouble doing that within Python and wondering if anyone has done so before and has any tips for doing that. My first guess is a for loop but am seeking some guidance on that before spending a lot of time exploring that.

Thanks in advance!