ERA5-Land timely updates (ERA5-LandT) release date

Dear TAUKLucas Kruitwagen, thanks for your interest.

Either myself or my colleagues from user support will provide an update by the end of this week, when I'll have more clarity on the way forward. 

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Thanks so much Joaquin, looking forward to hearing!

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Dear all, 

I've got up to date information on the release of ERA5-LandT.

Our own deadline is set to end of Q3 this year. Technically the NRT suite is ready but we can only run it in the new ATOS HPC in Bologna. To this aim, the ERA5-Land model version needs to be fully ported and tested in Bologna. We also need that the new ATOS HPC is stable for at least 3 months. At current this is not the case yet. So all the technical steps bring us to Q3. 

Apologies for all the inconveniences this may cause to you. We could already run it in the current HPC, but we are progressively switching it off and it has to be done in the new one. 

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Thanks for the update Joaquin Munoz Sabater !

Dear Joaquin Munoz Sabater,

is there any new update on the release of ERA5-LandT?

Thank you.

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Just curious as to if there are any updates on the ERA5-LandT release. Love the work the team is doing keep it up

Dear all,

I send a general comment rather than responding one by one; this is just to confirm that ERA5-LandT is now running successfully in our infrastructure in Bologne, what it means that the release will be done very soon. 

Please, be patient and keep tuned up as it is now just a matter of a very few weeks. 

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Amazing!!! Congrats to the team and can't wait to get into the data!

Excellent!!!! Keep up the amazing work

Thank you for the update.
I would like to ask if there is an estimated date for the release of ERA5-LandT.
Thank you in advance.

Dear Iker,

The only thing blocking the release is availability of the key technical people. 

My latest (today) news is that it is quite likely that we've got the official release before the end of the year.

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Is the plan to still release this before the end of the year?  Will you be able to share an official release date before it is enabled in the system?

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Dear Eric,

Yes, we will make a widespread official announcement of the release of ERA5-Land-T (web article, tweet, forum, emails). The plan is still before the end of the year, so I hope you'll have news very very soon. 



Hi All,

Just to let you know, ERA5-Land T has now been released. Please see this page for details:

Release of ERA5-Land-T data