ERA5-Land timely updates (ERA5-LandT) release date

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I will like to know what are the scheduled plan for releasing the ERA5-Land timely updates (also called ERA5-LandT) ? on the ERA5-Land documentation page, it is said that "it will be made available shortly."

Similarly to ERA5T, I assume it will have a 5-day latency, correct?  

Many thanks - Martin


the timeline of ERA5 products releases is the following:

  • ERA5T-complete (e.g. model levels) in preparation for public release in late 2021
  • ERA5 back extension (1950-1978) in preparation for public release in summer 2020
  • ERA5T-Land in preparation for public release in autumn 2021
  • ERA5-Land back extension (1950-1980) in preparation for public release later in 2021



Thanks Michela

  • ERA5T-Land in preparation for public release in autumn 2020

Very good news !

Does anyone have an update on ERA5T-Land status ?




ERA5T-Land in preparation for public release in Q1 2021.



Hi Michela,

According to the above release schedule the ERA5T-complete dataset is scheduled for release in "late summer 2020" which I guess is around now. Do you have any updates on when this valuable data will be released??




Similar question, but with respect to all of the above named datasets; is there an update on what has been released and when with respect to each of the 4 bulleted datasets listed?

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Is there any update regarding the release of ERA5T-Land?

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Dear all,

Unfortunately the pandemic situation has hampered some our initial plans. ERA5-LandT is still on the agenda and we hope to have it ready by summer. 

Again apologies for the delays.




I wonder if someone from the community could share any news regarding ERA5T-land release. I understand its hard to give definitive answer/timeline but an estimate would be very helpful.

Thank you very much.

cheers, Jan

Dear Jan,

Our current priority is the transition from the first to the second phase of Copernicus, and the pandemic situation has not helped. Unfortunately this has pushed some of our initial plans further in the year. ERA5-LandT is unlikely to be ready before autumn. If we are able to release it before autumn it will be properly announced through several channels. 

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you. 



Thank you for a quick response. We understand the pandemic could have derailed the plans significantly. Jan

what will be the difference between ERA5-Land and ERA5-LandT ?

Please, does anyone know the answer to Martin's question about latency for ERA5-LandT?

Dear all, in response to the last questions:

1) ERA5-LandT will be released with a 2 to 5 days latency

2) ERA5-LandT will be a close to real-time, non quality guaranteed, version of ERA5-Land. The principle is exactly the same that with ERA5/ERA5T. The release of ERA5-Land uses quality assured atmospheric forcing from ERA5, whereas ERA5-LAndT will use non quality assured atmospheric forcing from ERA5.



Dear Joaquin Munoz Sabater,

is there any update on release of ERA5-LandT? I need to make a decision regarding usage of ERA5-LandT and I would appreciate any update even if the release is postponed.

Thanks, Jan

Dear Jan Paral,

As you may know we are moving our data center to Bologna and with that the suite that will run ERA5-Land in NRT. So until the data center in Bologna is not active, we won't be able to activate ERA5-Land in NRT. I'm not sure about the exact timeline for this, but I think (as advertised in a few places) this move should happen anytime between now and February. Obviously the pandemic situation is not helping. 

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you,

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Thank you for the update Joaquín, that is very helpful as it allows me to stick with alternative dataset for the time being. Jan

Congrats on the move! Hope things are settling in nicely. (smile)

Would be great to get an update on ERA5-Land-T (or even the last few months' release of ERA5-Land) when possible! Thanks!

(bump) Joaquin Munoz Sabater  any update? Thanks so much!