ERA5-land total precipitation data extremely high


We downloaded ERA5-land precipitation data across multiple points across the world. All precipitation values for total precipitation are between a factor of 10 and 20 off the values that were previously downloaded.

Three places were checked which were:

  • Dubai (checked Jan 1990, Jan 2021)
  • Washington DC (checked Jan 1990)
  • A remote region in Croatia (checked Jan 1990)

The total rainfall yearly rainfall for each month was in the order of meters. Which is not true. We checked all file types including GRIB, and this was the case consistently. This does not seem to be the issue with other perils for example wind or temperature.

I was hoping for some answers as to why this may be the case and if it is a problem, when it will be resolved.

Many Thanks,

Please, note that the convention for accumulations used in ERA5-Land differs with that for ERA5. Please see here the details about this and the conversion table: