ERA5 precipitation data - missing?

For precipitation data from the hourly ERA5 data on the CDS, the form shows there is no data available from 00-06 on 1/1/1979 (see screenshot below of the CDS form). Is that correct? Are the data missing?



It might be because ERA5 has starts at 6 and 18 UTC and since, right now, 1/1/1979 is first day in data set (with start at 06) that data is 'missing' because it would have been there from start of the previous day (31/1/1978 at 18)

Ok thanks Milana!

does that mean that all the variables are missing for 00-06 on 1/1/1979?

No, the ones that are missing are the parameters that are Accumulated parameters or Min/Max parameters. These have actually type FC, and time for them is forecast start and then they have step as an interval, while others (Instantaneous parameters) have type = AN, step is always 0 and time is time of reanalysis.

Why is this, I have no idea....