ERA5 Snow data

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I would like to know what exactly is the unit of "m of water equivalent" for snowfall.

I know that for Snow depth I need Snow density to convert Snow depth m of equivalent water to meters, but what about Snowfall ? I need it in m, not in m of equivalent water.

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Snowfall correspond to the mass of snow that has fallen to the Earth's surface.

It is expressed as such in m of water, which is equivalent to 10^3 kg/m2.

Details available from the ECMWF parameter database at

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Thank you Anabelle,
I was aware of the units being in "m of water", but I need to convert it to "m". So what you are saying is that I should divide by 1000kg/m3 ??

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For the sake of completeness, please see Patricia's reply: How to convert snowfall "m of water equivalent" to "m"