Error downloading ERA5-complete: Expected 160, got 0


I'm trying to download "reanalysis-era5-complete".

Admittedly I haven't tried this since August this year. It did work then though.

Now I get (e.g., Request ID: 80b5aaea-a706-4a0d-8610-ef03c28e673b)

the request you have submitted is not valid

Reason: Expected 4400, got 0.; Request failed; Some errors reported (last error -1)

Here's the script:

            c = cdsapi.Client()
                    'levelist': '1/to/137',

Ok dug around a bit.

Error could be due to the DHS move.

For MARS status I see:

Mon 10/Oct/2022 13:44:46 UTC In Progress System Session Starts: DHS Move

ERA5 is also not part of the temporary DHS data.

Hi Mogesh,

There is some disruption during the DHS move to Bologna

CDS Service disruption expected starting 8 September 2022 for 5-6 weeks

Hope that helps,