Eutrophication indicators for the Northwest European Shelf and Mediterranean Sea from 2006 up to 2100 is now available in the CDS catalogue


The dataset includes ocean eutrophication indicators derived from climate projections and ocean colour remote-sensing satellite products. The indicators are based on comparisons between daily chlorophyll-a concentration values and the daily 90th percentile (P90) chlorophyll-a concentration from climatology. In order to assess the impact of climate change, simulations under two future climate scenarios based on different Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) for future greenhouse gas concentration are conducted: the intermediate scenario, RCP4.5, in which greenhouse gas concentration peak around 2040 before declining mainly due to successful mitigation measures in place; and the more pessimistic scenario, RCP8.5, where greenhouse gas concentration continue to rise throughout the century. The hydrodynamic-biogeochemical models were driven by one Coupled Model Inter-comparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) global climate model (GCM) projection downscaled to a regional climate model (RCM).

The dataset is now available to be downloaded from!/dataset/sis-fisheries-eutrophication?tab=overview

This dataset was produced on behalf of Copernicus Climate Change Service for the SIS European Fisheries contract.