Fire danger indicators for Europe from 1970 to 2098 derived from climate projections are now published in the CDS catalogue


The dataset presents projections of fire danger indicators for Europe based upon the Canadian Fire Weather Index System (FWI) under future climate conditions. The FWI is a meteorologically based index used worldwide to estimate the fire danger and is implemented in the Global ECMWF Fire Forecasting model (GEFF). In this dataset, daily FWI values, seasonal FWI values, and other FWI derived, threshold-specific, indicators were modelled using the GEFF model to estimate the fire danger in future climate scenarios. The dataset is now available to be downloaded from!/dataset/sis-tourism-fire-danger-indicators?tab=overview

This dataset was produced on behalf of Copernicus Climate Change Service for the SIS European Tourism contract.

Is it possible to download the data straight from the CDS? I couldn't find a way to do it. 

You can download data online using the CDS web interface at!/dataset/sis-tourism-fire-danger-indicators?tab=form

Alternatively, you can download the data programmatically using the CDS API service.

Please check the Climate Data Store (CDS) documentation for further details on how to make the most of it!

Hi Anabelle,

I tried to create an account to download the datasets, unfortunately I am still waiting for the confirmation email for 3 days now and still have not received any.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Aileen,
Please raise a ticket with our Support team here to have the issue with your CDS account sorted out :slight_smile: