GFAS daily total mass of CO2 emitted and CO2 concentration

User can estimate the daily total mass of CO2 emitted with GFAS data by multiplying the flux with the area of each grid cell and number of seconds in the day. However, if users want to get to the CO2 concentration, then it is more complicated as ideally you need to take into account atmospheric processes such as transport and deposition. We recommend having a look through the slides on Daniel Jacob's website for some good general tutorials on atmospheric modelling (

Without any additional knowledge of how emitted species are transported, mixed and removed from the atmosphere, there is no good way to estimate the resulting surface concentration levels.

To be able to derive those users need a model which takes these physical processes properly into account. That's why we should recommend the users interested in CO2 concentrations to use one of the GHG global datasets.

The data is usually packed in the netCDF file, so the 'scale_factor' and 'add_offset' values need to be applied to give the correct values of the wildfire flux of carbon dioxide in units of kg/m2/s.' Please see What are NetCDF files and how can I read them for more information on how to unpack the netCDF data before using them,