Global Agriculture SIS


I'm reading through the SIS - Agriculture ATBD and it describes some crop specific Toolbox functions. However, when I search for them through the Toolbox, I don't get any hits. Therefore, I'm not sure exactly how to apply them in order to extract the wanted information.

For example, crop specific maps and parameters should be accessible through Toolbox functions such as getCropVariable() and getCropMask(). But I can't figure out how to apply them and/or extract the wanted variables such as area_rs_h(harvested area, rainfed, subsistence).

Does anyone have experience with this particular SIS and the Toolbox functionality?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi Conrad,

I've had a look into this and I think it must be some out-of-date documentation - unfortunately none of those functions exist in the Toolbox. We'll update the documentation to remove any mention of non-existant Toolbox functions. Apologies for the confusion!

Many thanks,