How do I download ERA5 data for a given area?

I don't want the global data.

Hi Xiaobo,

it is not yet possible to get a geographical subset of a dataset on the Climate Data Store web download interface but this should soon be implemented.

However, this functionality is now available through the Climate Data Store API.

To start using the CDS-API, please refer to the following documentation in our Knowledge Base:

and then please check the script example given in the following knowledge base article, where it shows how to set the keyword to select a geographical area ('AREA'):

How to download ERA5

This page has a number of example requests for ERA5 data stored on the CDS itself, as well as for ERA5 data in the MARS archive.



Copernicus User Support team

OK, so the line in a CDS API Python request script below will do the job.

'area'    : '80/-50/-25/0', # North, West, South, East. Default: global