How to convert CAMS anthropogenic CO2 data from kg/m2/s to kg

I’d like to use the Copernicus anthropogenic CO2 data to spatially derive the kilogram quantities emitted for a given year. I’m currently looking at using the CAMS-GLOB-ANT_v4.2_co2_2018.nc_sum data set. However, the units I’m assuming are in column density per month, giving kgm-2s-1, in which case I would need your help/advice on how to perform the conversion to kilograms.

The CAMS global emission inventories dataset contains the surface emission flux of CO2 in units of kg/m2/s and so to calculate the total mass emitted from each grid-cell you will need to multiply the value by the area of that grid-cell and the number of seconds (the time resolution of these emissions is monthly).

I tried doing that but I get unreasonable values. Do I need to include g/mol or any other values in the equation? Thanks

To calculate the mass of CO2 emitted you should multiply the values (in kg/m2/s) by the area of each 0.1 degree longitude x 0.1 degree latitude gridcell and by the number of seconds in a month (which is the time resolution of the data). No other unit conversion is necessary.

I had the same confusion.

An approximation to make sure you are on the right track is to multiply by the number of seconds in a month and the area of a 0.1 degree cell which is 11*11km2, 3600*24*30*11*11*1000000/1000=313*10^9 T/year.grid, then you sum on all grid cells of interest. This should give you an idea without having to calculate individual grid cell areas.