How to download "surface pressure" using cdsapi from ERA5.complete

Hi everyone,

I want to download "sp" from ERA5.complete. I have used the request below, but get the code: Expected 4, got 0.; Request failed; Some errors reported (last error -1)

so what is the right requset body?

 import cdsapi
 c = cdsapi.Client()
 c.retrieve('reanalysis-era5-complete', { # Requests follow MARS syntax
                                          # Keywords 'expver' and 'class' can be dropped. They are obsolete
                                          # since their values are imposed by 'reanalysis-era5-complete'
     'date'    : '2019-01-01',        # The hyphens can be omitted
     'levelist': '1',          # 1 is top level, 137 the lowest model level in ERA5. Use '/' to separate values.
     'levtype' : 'ml',
     'param'   : '134',                   # Full information at
                                          # The native representation for temperature is spherical harmonics
     'stream'  : 'oper',                  # Denotes ERA5. Ensemble members are selected by 'enda'
     'time'    : '00/to/23/by/6',         # You can drop :00:00 and use MARS short-hand notation, instead of '00/06/12/18'
     'type'    : 'an',
     'area'    : '60/20/-60/180',          # North, West, South, East. Default: global
     'grid'    : '1/1',      # Latitude/longitude. Default: spherical harmonics or reduced Gaussian grid
     'format'  : 'grib',                # Output needs to be regular lat-lon, so only works in combination with 'grid'!
 }, 'ERA5.grib')     # Output file. Adapt as you wish.

OK, everyone, I have found the solution.

change levtype from "ml" to "sfc".

another question, where can I find the detial of those parameter (levtype......)

Hi, You can find full details of the ERA5 dataset at

ERA5: data documentation